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Almost Interesting

by David Spade

Originally Published by Dey Street Books in 2015 • , ,

The actor and comedian examines his life and career, including his road-tour to fame, when he was regularly mistaken for a ten year-old, and his years on SNL during the Rock/Sandler/Farley era of the 1990s.

Almost Interesting

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David Spade is Almost Interesting is actually an incredibly interesting read. I have never really been a huge David Spade fan, I read his memoir because I grew up on his era of Saturday Night Live. The behind the scenes stuff at SNL has always fascinated me. He comes off a lot different in his book than the characters he portrays on TV. I now find myself not really viewing him anymore as the arrogant/sort of mean type that I previously had.

Spade grew up in Arizona, poor and fatherless. In his acknowledgements he thanks his dad for messing him up enough to write a book. Perseverance is one of the things that struck me most when reading about him trying to make it as a comedian. There were many times when he could have quit and packed it in. The path of someone trying that profession is even more difficult than I had imagined. It seems as though you need not only a ton of talent but also a few lucky breaks here and there for it to work out. There was also a bunch of near gigs that would have changed his path greatly… he once thought he was a lock to get the role of Joey on Full House.

Like most people, I was a fan of Chris Farley during his short time on screen. You can tell by reading this book just how close Farley and Spade were and how hard his death was on David. There is a lot of Chris Farley within this book and even numerous stories I had not read before. Tommy Boy has become a cult classic, and he shed some light on what happened with Black Sheep and why (in his opinion) it should have been much better. One quote in particular that struck me about their friendship was when he went out for a couple drinks with Rob Lowe during the shooting of Tommy Boy. “I called Rob and asked him if he wanted to get a beer. And I found out later Chris didn’t like that. Why? Because I was sort of his wife. I mean, we were so close that it was weird.”

There is a lot more to David Spade than just SNL and Chris Farley. He tells must read stories about the night his assistant tried to kill him and a James Bond like bust of his maids who had stolen a lot of money from him. Obviously, this is not a life changing book or anything… but if you are in the mood for a very entertaining read this is a great choice.

John Colvin

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John Colvin