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Downtown Stories

First Downtown Stories Book (2011)

Downtown Stories a short story contest that allows us to showcase the creativity of folks in our area. Each month, we take in submissions from people of all ages and backgrounds. The stories range from the super dramatic to the absurdly hilarious. After reading through each, the stories that really stand out from the rest are chosen as the winner of that particular month. The winner then receives his or her choice of either a $10 gift card to Downtown Books & Coffee or a t-shirt! All of the winning stories are also compiled into a book and published by Downtown Books & Coffee.

Ready to get started? Read over the rules and get writing!

The Rules

The Winners

June 2013 — A Strange Blue by Gayle Rizzo

July 2013 — Head Shot by Dale Elster

August 2013 — The Battles of Tom Alvord by Kate Hodges

September 2013 — A Vibrant Cell by Johnny Trot

October 2013 — Loud Silence by Liam Cuddy

November 2013 — Deep Freeze by Justin Sharples

Downtown Books & Coffee has the right to reproduce, print or otherwise utilize any submission for the purpose of promotion as well as for any forthcoming works. All proceeds from the sale of any submissions while included in a compilation will be used to fund costs of this and future contests. All rules subject to change without notice. We will NEVER steal your work or claim it as our own, and you will always have the right to reproduce, sell or otherwise use your submission for any reason you like. Basically, it’s your story, so you can do with it what you like!